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Wine & Olive Oil

Two of the finest things that nature gave us

Olive oil and wine are two of the finest things that nature gave us, both to drink and to discuss. Sharing a similar history, wine and olive oil were vital commodities of the ancient world and were (and still are) celebrated for their symbolic meanings – grapes as symbols of life and renewal and olive trees as symbols of longevity

and health. These agricultural accomplices both originated in the same area of Asia Minor and spread throughout the Mediterranean. Olive oil and wine, both considered “gifts of the gods,” found their way into religious observances and today are icons of Mediterranean living.

Take the taste of Greece home with you

We've been producing wine & olive oil for more than 80 years

Earthly gifts with such celestial origins deserve special treatment and respect. Wine and olive oil are similar in this regard. For example, choosing and storing olive oil is a bit like choosing and storing wine.

Our Wine.


Not all wines are alike! And like wine, olive oil takes on the characteristics of its terroir and ranges widely in quality and flavor. There are other similarities between them and one major difference.

Our Oil.

Extra Virgin

For more than 80 years our family produces its own wine from our wineyard or in cooperation with local wineyards and our own olive oil from our olive grove.

Our olive oil is more than excellent. Our olive groves are not sprinkling. and the olives are collected by hand, in order not to spoil the quality. As a result comes a tasteful handpicked extra virgin olive oil.

At hotel you can try our olive oil and you can buy it at reasonable prices. We also offer a wide range of fine Greek wines.

All our products can be purchased at the hotel during your stay.